The Essner Difference

Essner struggled with the same problems that many suppliers have – a victim of too much success.  We stumbled with new work packages being implemented at the same time as a new MRP system implementation.  The good news though, is that through struggles clarity can be achieved – and with that struggle comes maturity and growth.  And things have changed – in a big way!

A very experienced team is now on board – and the recovery of the behind schedule condition is nearly complete.  This was accomplished with a return to basics – shop scheduling, priorities, and heads-down execution.

Michael Sutherland, our President and CEO, says “It wasn’t really a recovery – it was more like a ‘reconstruction’.  We had to transform Essner into a stable, high performing and high-value company for our customers – or we wouldn’t survive.”

Virtually everything has been transformed – from Production Control to the Quality Management System.  From how we manage our relationships with customers to the factory floor itself and all the processes involved.

Just looking at the floor you’ll see many upgrades and changes – new equipment, new people, and a whole new attitude.  “The culture here has really improved – I love working here!” says Production Control Specialist Nicole.

We are proud of the changes – and we are ready to show them off.  Let us know when you’re in town – and we’ll give you the best treatment Fort Worth has to offer!

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