Chemical Processing

The last route many parts take is the final finishing – and with most companies that is done with Outside Processes, where control is lost, potentially losing time and value.  At Essner, along with our incessant drive to squeak as much cost as possible out of the part, we uniquely house and manage most of the required processing capabilities under our own roof!

Parts may need special cleaning, or special corrosion protection, or heat treating to alter their metallic states; and most parts need either a topcoat of paint or primer, or both.  At Essner, most of these processes are here, and the rest are under development.

Having these processes here in-house gives us a special advantage, especially when production rates are ramping-up all around the industry, causing bottlenecks, minimum lot charges, and expedite fees just to compete with everyone else who is trying to get their parts processes at the same time.

This helps us maintain tight schedules, keep delay time to a minimum, and eliminate unnecessary costs – further contributing to the Essner Advantage.

Our Capabilities

Essner Manufacturing is a Defense/Aerospace parts manufacturing and processing facility. Our specialties include the production of sheet metal and machined parts, value added kits for our customers, and assemblies. Essner is accredited by Nadcap for Chemical Processing, Aluminum Heat Treating, Prime and Topcoat Painting, and Resistance and Fusion Welding.