Sub Assembly

Our specialty is machining and fabricating smaller parts.  Putting these parts together in a sub-assembly is the next logical step in the value stream for Essner.

The bigger companies usually spend their time installing our detail parts and sub-assemblies onto the bigger assemblies – they would rather spend their labor hours on those more complex assemblies, and have Essner take care of the smaller ones for them

For us, this is a perfect fit – we WANT to do what the other guys don’t, because it provides our customers value by quickly and inexpensively taking care of that work.

And since we’ve found ways to produce the detail parts quickly, in ways that keep us competitive with the “low cost countries”, adding the next layer of value-add just makes sense.  Again, the customer can get what he wants done by a Partner that is close by AND competitive on the parts and assemblies that they would rather have someone else do!

Whether it’s simple bench-top, or minor jig work, we can fabricate the parts and put them together for you so that they can be delivered to your line-side and snapped right on, just like you want it!

Our Capabilities

Essner Manufacturing is a Defense/Aerospace parts manufacturing and processing facility. Our specialties include the production of sheet metal and machined parts, value added kits for our customers, and assemblies. Essner is accredited by Nadcap for Chemical Processing, Aluminum Heat Treating, Prime and Topcoat Painting, and Resistance and Fusion Welding.