Sheet Metal Fabrication

Traditionally, sheet metal fabrication is labor intensive – that’s why so many people are tempted to look overseas where the labor is ‘cheaper’ (except that all the associated costs with that always seem to overtake the business case, and that ‘cheap labor’ suddenly becomes very expensive.)

The best way for a domestic company to provide good value on Sheet Metal parts is to automate as much of the process as possible – to eliminate the labor.  Here at Essner we are as automated as it can be – from the release, to the cut to size shear (eliminating waste) to the nesting in the profile operations to deburr to forming.  And add to that our in house ability to Process most of the requirements, and we can have a Sheet Metal part made to the highest quality standards in as little as 4-7 days!

When the labor is reduced the speed of throughput increases, the costs then decrease, and the quality is as good as it gets.

At Essner, we have a history of specializing in Sheet Metal, and we’re ready to take on the perception that “Low Cost Country” provides the best value.


Our Capabilities

Essner Manufacturing is a Defense/Aerospace parts manufacturing and processing facility. Our specialties include the production of sheet metal and machined parts, value added kits for our customers, and assemblies. Essner is accredited by Nadcap for Chemical Processing, Aluminum Heat Treating, Prime and Topcoat Painting, and Resistance and Fusion Welding.