Customers are usually interested in spending as little time as possible searching for their parts – so Essner is happy to kit the parts up and make them easy to find for you, having dropped off right where you want them, when you want them!

Taking a box of parts, unpacking them, putting them away in a bin, then pulling them out later one by one is a relatively long task, and is fraught with the potential to cause part damage or loss.  Line-side kitting does away with all of this!  At Essner, many of our customers like to receive their parts not in a batch, but in a unit-by-unit kit, so that the kit can then be dropped off right at the point of use, saving the customer all of that hassle.

Containers are designed specifically for the unique purpose, and even returned back to Essner to be re-used.

This strategy fits perfectly with what Essner provides (low cost detail parts and sub-assemblies), and is so much easier to manage right here next door to you domestically, instead of trying to manage the return of containers and parts shortages across oceans and time zones.

If you’re interested, let us know how we can help you save your logistics costs by assisting in a line-side kitting program.

Our Capabilities

Essner Manufacturing is a Defense/Aerospace parts manufacturing and processing facility. Our specialties include the production of sheet metal and machined parts, value added kits for our customers, and assemblies. Essner is accredited by Nadcap for Chemical Processing, Aluminum Heat Treating, Prime and Topcoat Painting, and Resistance and Fusion Welding.